Trolling Fishing South of France

Trolling Fishing South of France

Fishing trolling with lures or bait is one of the most popular methods used when fishing.

There are many techniques that must be learned to help you make the most of your time fishing .

The choice of lures and their implementation: It is important to understand that the first lure is your boat, the engine noise and the bubbling of water propellers that will attract the curiosity of fish.

Each fishing boat is different, you will have to study for the implementation of your lines and wedge them to find the best performance to be fishing .

Distance positioning decoys will be determined by the state of the sea, trolling speed and especially the type of lure used . This can vary between 10 and 50 meters behind your boat.

Speeds also depend on trolling lures or baits .

They are usually between 2.5 and 5 knots for inshore trolling and between 5 and 12 knots for offshore trolling.

Ideally, dead baits are dragged lower speeds to 5 knots .The idea is to replicate a group of fish.

More you'll rods with decoys, the more you have the chance to trigger an attack of fish.

Remember that predators attack very rarely only one fish but only those who are gathered into a ball, easier to hunt.

It is also important to choose lures that work at the same speed in the water.

My advice is to reproduce a maximum bubbling positioning your lures staggered in the wake of your boat, creating visual and audible leak bait you drag .

This will trigger the panic attack fish you want, but again you should know the species you are fishing and find them!

Remember that we always have the impression that the fish have a certain intelligence and they get used to our lures !

In reality, it is often the way to present that distorts our perception.The fish have no intelligence or they would be mammals do not also forget !

Some species of fish respond to your presentations faster than other lures .

By studying the eating habits, you will have more chance of catching fish behind.

In the Mediterranean we hope touch billfish such as Swordfish, Spearfish, white Marlin and other fish like Bluefin tuna, Albacore or dolphinfish .

During trolling, if you are lucky guys, you can catch Sir Bluefin Tuna and then you will love or regret to be seat on the chair because the fight will take a couple of hours... It depends as strong you are. You will discover the power of the Mediterranean Bluefin Tuna! 

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