Website Accessibility

Zoom into a page

Modern browsers now allow you to zoom into web pages

On PC et Linux

  • Ctrl + to enlarge
  • Ctrl - to reduce
  • Ctrl 0 to return to normal size

Note: la commande Ctrl 0, is not available in Internet Explorer

On Mac

  • Cmd + to enlarge (+ apple)
  • Cmd - to reduce (- apple)
  • Cmd 0 to return to normal size

Skip links

Menu at the top and bottom of each page. These links provide direct access to the desired part of the page: content, main menu at the bottom of the page, without having to wade through unwanted information.

These links facilitate access to the site for disabled people including the blind: they allow them to place themselves directly to the desired location.

Tab navigation

Press Tab and repeat until you select the desired link, shift + Tab to return an item above, then confirm with Entr